5 moments of ‘Clarity’ from Polish Club’s Melbourne show

3 nights at The Gaso went down a real treat for Polish Club. Here’s some defining moments from Saturday night – their last show on an epic run with Adelaide’s finest Wing Defence and Heaps Good Friends

1. Wing Defence rip and 2019 will be their year

Arriving in style early 2018 with cut through track ‘Stuck’ Adelaide’s Wing Defence brought a new spin to pop: Infusing it with cathartic party punk. A two piece in the booth but 5 strong band live, they’re dynamic and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Front person Skye Lockwood lunges about the stage spitting relatable quips about life, growing up and moving on, while Paige Court (otherwise known as alt-pop powerhouse MANE) chimes in with backing vocals and holds down the riffs.

Let it be known that Wing Defence (and also Heaps Good Friends) set the support standard high with their liberal use of cowbell. Very, very good stuff. 

2. Heaps Good Friends throw a Heaps Good Party

Need a boost of sunny positivity in your life? A Heaps Good Friends set is just for you. Every song is a banger (and don’t throw that word around lightly) teamed with banter that’ll pull a giggle from even the most stoic of punter. A highlight had to be the full talk show breakdown between tracks – played fully in character, soft yet still uptempo background music and all. 

3. Polish Club introduce a new instrument every tour

Earlier this year it was an entire brass section (hello Polish Club with HORNS) whearas this time around it was the addition of a bassist. Much to the delight of every audience, the band are continuously expanding on their already spirited live show. What will it be next tour? My money is on some strings.

4. It’s A Club for everyone

This club doesn’t set down any rules for membership – all are welcome. A quick look around the audience packed into The Gaso showed just that. Fans of all ilk and ages sung along, rocking out to a catalogue (including a few cheeky new songs) with an appeal that spans further every year.

5. Things get a little raucous on the last night of tour

What better way to cap off a run of shows than inviting the whole gang from Wing Defence and Heaps Good Friends up for a rousing rendition of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’? I’ll tell you what, proceeding that with a cover of ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic. That 90’s classic? Yep. Went down a bloody treat. Think big singalongs and some questionable dance moves both on stage and off. Exactly what you want on a Saturday night. 


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Listen to Clarity, a hawt new song by Polish Club. 

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