5 Things We Learnt At Paradise

1. Never forget sunscreen and just think that ‘nah, you’ll be fine.’ You won’t be. At all.

Lake Mountain. It’s a pretty place. Lots of trees, greenery and beautiful surroundings. At 1340 metres elevation though, the UV rays are what can only be described as piercing. Combine that with the fair skin/red hair dream team, and you’ve got yourself a formerly pasty, blistered and peeling individual who regrets forgetting her sunscreen immensely.

The shade won’t save you, guys.


2. I’lls banter is on point.

There’s no doubt that the I’lls back catalog is an impressive array of glitchy synths and hypnotic beats – But it’s the between track banter which is the real highlight of the set. Led by the ultimate anti-frontman Simon Lam, there were no cordial greetings – rather comical, unyielding honesty. “Someone came up to Hamish last night and told us to start playing real music. We haven’t changed in the past 12 hours. Sorry to disappoint you if you’re here, sir.”

The I’lls classics weren’t safe either – with ‘Outright’ introduced as “an oldie, but not a goodie.”


3. Oscar Key Sung is on the verge of even bigger things.

Melbourne’s favourite soulful son played one of the sets of Paradise. One of the earlier artists to play that Friday night, Oscar had the masses swaying to tunes such as ‘Holograms’ and earlier release ‘All I Could Do’. Luscious beats, paired with on point vocals and a crowd interaction like no other.

Oscar Key Sung is on track to being one of our finest electronic exports. He really has set himself up to be a ‘must listen’ artist.


4. The new and improved Clubland is the perfect festival addition.

What better way to showcase some of the finest underground electronic music, than in a club that runs through the night and into the early hours of the morning.

Imagine: It’s 3am. Too cold? Go dance it out. Don’t want to sleep yet? Dance it out. The ’24 hour’ feel to it does make for an interesting place at times – but Clubland, with it’s stunning visuals and booming bass really was a clever inclusion of Paradise.


5. Paradise is one of the best boutique festivals on the scene right now.

Careful management, an eclectic yet accessible lineup and a picturesque location. Paradise really does check all the boxes. The Paradise experience though, is what really puts it miles ahead of every other festival in the same bracket.

From the moment you arrive, you feel welcomed. Everything has a place and there’s nothing catastrophically confusing. The food is good, the layout of the festival is easy to navigate and the music is well timed. It’s just little simple things, but Paradise do them so well – there’s no room for error. An absolute credit to festival management.

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