A rosé-rock flavoured Mixtape from Porpoise Spit

Image by Lucy Rees.

Huddle around the radio with your cassette recorder ready to roll, or alternatively, fire up Limewire. You’re going to want to add these tracks to your personal collection. Local DIY legends Porpoise Spit have a doozy of a playlist prepared for you.

1. Cable Ties – Choking to Choose

How do you choose your favourite Cable Ties song? You can’t. But this one’s on theme.

2. LOOBS – No More Lies

Droney guitars. Drab vocals. We love the darker side of LOOBS. One of the best bands we’ve seen and our very dear friends. These guys are also fuckos.

3. Shrimpwitch – Lust For A Kick

Peculiar. Original. Hilarious. Love The Cramps vibe on the this track. It’s such a good feminist-fuck-you-sing-a-long.

4. Face Face – Mars

WE LOVE THIS SONG. I mean, who doesn’t love a sci-fi romance ballad? You’ll find us in the front row singing this back to them as loud as we can.

5. Alice Skye – Friends With Feelings

You know when you feel sad and you listen to a beautiful song and you feel ok with the sadness? This is one of those songs.

6. Moaning Lisa – Carrie (I Want A Girl)

LITERALLY CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO THIS TUNE. It’s such a banga! A huge ‘90s inspired anthem. Why they are not world famous yet is beyond us.

7. RVG – Eggshell World

5am. 25 beers deep. DNMs with your best friend while watching the sunrise. This is the song we listen to.

8. Jarrow – Emoji

Say what you want about Kanye, he really paved the way for indie acts using the vocoder to poor their heart out. Funny, endearing and neurotic, this song is a great example of some of the best songwriting Melbourne has to offer.

9. Spike Fuck – Greatest Hits (Suicide Party)

Modern ‘80s country goth. Deeply personal, dirty gritty content sailing over unforgettable rollicking pop hooks.

10. East Brunswick All Girls Choir – Essendon 1986

We’ve never had as many goosebumps as we did when seeing this song live. Such an incredible band. Such an incredible song.

11. HoT To RoT – Kindred

This track is SO FUCKING BADASS. Thumping drums and stabbing guitar fuel this delightfully weird punk/prog-journey.

12. RAT!Hammock – Blood To Bruise

It doesn’t get much better than RAT!Hammock’s raw Australian storytelling. This song never fails to give us the shivers right in the feels. A world class tune.

13. Laura Imbruglia – Harsh Dylan Songs

Harsh Dylan songs are Elly’s vice so she really empathises with this track. Homely country-pop vibes that just make you feel happy, you know?

14. Two Steps on the Water – Hold Me

This song kicks you in the guts the second it starts. June Jones’ pain is palpable and cathartic. A stunning track.

Porpoise Spit launch their debut EP God Yeah! on July 21st at The Tote in Melbourne. It’s an all evening fare, so get your tickies and head on down early. 

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