About Us

Well, the name says it all.
We blog about bands.


Kicking around since 2012, CBB started out as a place where young people interested in music media could get published. To this day, we’re still reppin’ the youth, as well as covering a stack of local bands and gigs.

With the help of our team (many of which haven’t been involved in music media before) we aim to deliver quality reviews, interviews and photographs of the big and not so big bands and artists from both Australia and overseas. Our goal is to encourage and mentor young people to pursue their interest in music and music media, by giving them opportunities to represent the site as both writers, photographers and general industry folk.

Casual Band Blogger came about when founding editor Rochelle Flack picked up a camera for the first time in 2012 and started heading to local gigs. A few months later, CBB expanded to include and focus on the content that young, music loving people from all around the country put forward. We welcomed written editor (and game changer) Gemma Bastiani to the fold in early 2013, and set our sights on taking this little pipe dream project into the future. With over 100 contributors, thousands of posts, countless emails, and too much HTML later, that future had arrived. Gemma left the CBB crew in 2016 to pursue other music work, and we were absolutely stoked to welcome long time contributor/friend to the site Angela Christian-Wilkes into an editorial (#bosslady) role.

Local music, young people, opportunities and recognition.
It’s what we stand for, as Casual Band Bloggers.

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Our Team

Our editorial team consists of:
Rochelle Flack: Production Manager.
Angela Christian-Wilkes: Senior Producer.

Former editors and people we still hold dearly:
Gemma Bastiani: Co Editor and long time friend.
Jess Gleeson: Photography Assistant.
Jordan Readman: Written Editor.
Tom Gaffney: Assistant Editor.
Joannie Lee: Production Assistant.
Grace Griffiths: Production Assistant.

Also, shout out to our incredible 100 strong contributing team of past and present.
Such legends, every bloody one of them.