Alex Lahey – B Grade University

Nicky Boy Records/Caroline | 2016

There is nothing glamorous about being in your early twenties. You’re broke, sleep-deprived and reckless. You’re navigating being an adult with the kind of vague bewilderment I usually reserve for basic maths. It shouldn’t be alluring but Alex Lahey’s B-Grade University paints post- adolescence with a cautiously romantic brush.

‘Wes Anderson’ is so optimistic about love in the most casual way, taking mundane moments of a relationship and turning them into soft glimpses of happiness. Whether it’s sleeping late in someone’s bed or holding hands in a cinema, the entire song leaves you with the kind of giddy feeling only a new crush can give you. Lahey captures the gentle elation of being head over heels for someone in just four minutes and some snapshots of everyday life. It’s honest, and it’s enthralling.

First track ‘Ivy League’ is a straight shot to the heart of anyone (possibly just me) living with the blurry panic and indecision that is duct taped to trying to get your life on track; and then ‘Let’s Go Out’ immediately flips the bird at every worry you were just contemplating. There’s no dramatic odes to love lost or exhausted battle cries to “shake it off”. It’s lo-fi indie rock that burns boring music cliches to the ground and replaces them with the highlights of a sensational age.

B-Grade University makes you fall in love with being barely an adult. The whole record sets your heart on fire with the marriage of youth and uncertainty. It’s built to make you want to dance and sing through the house and to feel like all the stupid little things matter so much. You’re grown up, but not really, and Alex Lahey is here to tell you that it’s okay.

Standout Track – Wes Anderson.

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