András & Oscar – (I Know) What You Want

The make up of house music at its core is pretty simple. You just lay down a steady beat over some dreamy keys, throw in a few high hats with a sexy vocal sample and drop a warm baseline yeah? Sounds like any idiot with a midi pad could do some version of that and boy do they try.

The difference between most of those idiots and András & Oscar is knowing what people want and the difference between good and bad house music is determined by the next song you listen to. Because one good house song is never enough.

‘(I Know) What You Want’ is the red Starburst you see when you first open a fresh pack. You know it tastes so good that if you eat it everything it after it will be inferior, but you eat it anyway and go out chasing more red ones. You can try savour all you want but it’s all over in just over five minutes.

The Starburst metaphor has run its course but this track leaves a damn good taste in your mouth. The Melbourne based duo are taking Cafe Romantica and some new material around Europe and we can expect ‘(I Know) What You Want’ to be released on a 12″ single via Dopeness Galore in the near future. Godspeed fellas.

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