Babaganouj – Hit Song

Grabbing a small sample of chimes from The Cure’s ‘Pictures of You’, Babaganouj does more than just allude to a hit song in their new song, aptly named ‘Hit Song’. The charmingly 90s-rock inspired track is a fresh creation from the Brisbane band.

With strong guitar riffs and an even stronger drumming beat, the song starts out with unabashedly catchy vocals. The opening verse is crisp and clear in vocal strength, with the instruments serving up a storm as the first chorus rolls in.

The chorus is adorned with light hollering over the lyrics, ‘gonna write a hit song for you’. The old rock sound comes forward, almost as if ‘Hit Song’ was written as a lyrical expression of opinion or feelings. The song has a scent of teenage boys writing songs to win a girl’s heart, at the same time bearing some kind of nostalgia from the overarching maturity of the band’s members.

‘Hit Song’ conjures up memories mostly through its musical style. The surf-rock bridge section serves as a nice contrast to the rest of the song’s style, which matches perfectly with the distorted outro and the opening chimes.

Babaganouj has grown tremendously over the past couple of years, and their songs have come together in a more wholesome, complete kind of way. If ‘Hit Song’ doesn’t get you dancing, at least let it put a little smile on your face – if it hasn’t done it already.

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