Best Coast – California Nights

Best Coast
California Nights
Wichita Recordings

Best Coast are from California and are down right proud of it. Made up of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, the band make honest rock music. Cosentino sings of love, loss, her home and battles within her head. They have a surf-rock sound that is unquestionably catchy and oozing with pop elements and themes.

California Nights is the title of their third full-length album and is a great addition to the Best Coast catalogue of songs. Across 12 tracks of attractive guitar riffs and songs of love and break ups, California Nights is a great listen.

Many of the songs on the album are love ballads with defiant guitar and drum combinations like on ‘Feeling Ok’ and ‘Heaven Sent’. The lyrical content truly reflects Cosentino’s publicly spoken battles with depression as each song fluctuates between her being happy and being sad. Sometimes, the upbeat poppy sounds mask the often-melancholic atmosphere of her lyrics, making for some engaging very tunes.

Songs like ‘Fine Without You’ and ‘In My Eyes’ carry a classic Best Coast sound of fast paced surf-rock, suitable for a sun-setting beach with a beer on a warm night. A clear stand out on the album shines through on ‘California Nights’ with its guitar and vocal led ambiance making for a beautiful song. It represents warm California evenings, love and tells of her absolute love for the American state.

‘Fading Fast’ displays the band’s influence of 1950s and 60s pop-rock bands with a swinging guitar riff and shuffling drum rhythm. At times, songs like ‘Run Through My Head’ and ‘Sleep Won’t Every Come’ seem very similar and often repetitive but not so much to the point of boredom. The songs, however, reflect the lyrical content of repetition in happiness and sadness all the while trying the find a balance in life.

California Nights is a solid album that is well produced and collects songs that very much down to earth. Best Coast have their own inspired sound and vibe, paying homage to the place they love and call home. It’s a romantic album as well as a sound that will keep you warm through winter and make you sit in the sunshine in summer.

Best Coast are playing at this year’s Splendour In The Grass festival and also touring nationally in July.

Standout Track: ‘California Nights’

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