Ceres at Northcote Social Club (Melbourne)

Full disclosure, I absolutely adore Ceres. Ever since their first LP, I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here fell into my lap, I’ve been hooked. Then came the Valentine’s Day releases, sneaky B-sides and just over a month back now, their second full length record Drag It Down On You. I unashamedly tell everyone how great they are, and this review is going to be no different.

Phew. Just wanted to get that out of the way early. Now, onto the actual show:

Hitting the stage just before Ceres were local favourites, Apes. You’ve got to hand it to them – they are tight live. ‘Dimension’ a track I’d previously thought fell a little flat on record, took on new life. With it’s signature parallel riffs played with such precision, the band created an unbeatable wall of sound.

Latest single ‘If You Want It’ went down a treat, as did the remainder of their set. However, this humble reviewer is making an official request for no more mentions of ‘yeah the boys’ in stage banter, please and thank you. I already cop enough of it’s ~humour~ in my newsfeed, y’know?

Amongst the head banging and cathartic singalongs, there’s always a lot of emotions at a Ceres show. Frontman Tom Lanyon graciously thanked the crowd at every opportunity, while we all fed off the raw energy put into every single track. Pits started early, and for most part they only took a break during slower song, ‘Nothing On Your Shoulders’. Lanyon requested the crowd ‘shut up and listen’ and that we did, revelling in every second of the beautifully understated track.

The set was very much so a celebration of recently released LP, Drag It Down On You, with the majority of the album’s 14 tracks making an appearance at some point. With two full lengths, two EP’s and numerous other singles, there was a lot of ground to cover – and didn’t they know it. “We’re gonna play a lot of songs if that’s cool. We’ll do it quick though, I know it’s late,” Lanyon announced to an eager crowd, who didn’t seem to mind at all.

I could talk forever about Ceres, and how special they are as a band. I could also go on and on about their shows invoking a sense of community and how endearing their music is. But, I also feel like it’s definitely something you need to experience for yourself to really get it. So go forth and discover Ceres – your new favourite band. 

As mentioned, here’s that iconic Valentine Days release.

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