A Chat With Lunice

Ahead of his appearance at Bear Ops #2 (presented by our friends, The Operatives), Gin sent a few questions off to Lunice. We heard back from the man himself just yesterday – here’s our chat.


We’re pretty excited to have you back on tour in Australia and New Zealand this week – your last tours both as Lunice and with TNGHT were back in 2013. What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you whilst on tour in Australia?

A breakdance battle between me and Just Blaze in front of thousands of people at a festival. I’d maybe say it’s more epic but still strange haha.


I loved seeing TNGHT at Listen Out 2013, your stage presence was at an absolute high and there was not a still body in the crowd. Do you prefer the bigger festival stages or more intimate shows?

Lately I’ve been super into massive shows. I love intimate shows but that’s where I come from and know how to work an intimate room. What I really love now is the challenge of capturing the attention of 8000 people with physical movements and visuals. It’s a rush.


That festival tour also included Azealia Banks who you worked with on her track ‘Runnin’ and featured in her video for ‘212’. Knowing her personally, what are your thoughts on her walking off stage at the Melbourne leg?

I don’t know the exact story to this so I’ve no comment. But I kicked it with her afterwards we had a great talk, she’s always a great person to kick it with.


About collaborations, if you could work with anyone right now, who would it be?

Rick Rubin, I say this because I love learning.


And be honest, if 14 year old Lunice could work with anyone, who would that be?

9th Wonder.



Who are your top 5 inspirations, music or otherwise that shape your direction and keep you going?

Miles Davis
Kevin Kusatsu
Dominic Flannigan
Eli Velez
Jennifer Dunaj


The recent release of ‘Casper’ by Scottish beat maker S-Type featuring yourself is pretty exciting and it’s a beautifully crafted track. How did you and S-Type first cross paths?

I was already a huge fan of his since the beginning. It was only a matter of time before we both got into the studio and tried something out.


Was the process for creating ‘Casper’ a long one?

Not really, it was pretty straight forward. I think it’s because we’re all friends now and we get each other. Same goes for how the TNGHT project went with HudMo.


How different are yours and S-Type’s production styles? I.e. were there any creative differences to overcome or did the track work because you were both on the same page?

He’s got an amazing sense of melody and composition. I’m just the weird dude with some weird ideas.



Starting off the year with this pretty sweet record, what else can we expect from Lunice this year?

A finished album.


What’s the last track you played through your headphones?

Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra – Brandburg Concerto No.3 In G Major.


Will we be hearing that during the tour?

Probably not, hahaha.


Lunice will be playing a heap of shows whilst he’s in the country.
Melbourne leg, Bear Ops #2 kicks on this Saturday the 14th however.
Grab your tickets here, and all the info you need here.


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