A Chat With Northeast Party House

Northeast Party House are known for providing a killer stage presence and creating an eccentric energy whilst appearing to play every track effortlessly. Us as Casual Band Blogger were lucky enough to have a chat with them.


How do you continue to make every show better than the last and how do you feel as a band you have developed in stage performance from when you first originated? Do you feel you have stayed true to your original sound or have you progressively adapted to a different sound over the years as you have matured? 

I’m glad you say every show gets better, that is encouraging, cheers for the kind words!

As we get more live experience, we become more confident and less nervous. If we get nervous now we have the experience to deal with it. As we play more we are able to watch and learn what the crowd responds to and then workshop and refine our set. We rehearse a lot before heading out on the road. I think we also just got lucky and happened to write music that isn’t too far out of our skill level. I do feel we have developed, mainly for the reasons just mentioned but also our focus has changed. Originally it was about getting up and going nuts. There was a member in the band in the early days who’s sole purpose was as a hype man.

The focus was definitely on going off and putting on a mental show. Songs and the quality of performance were second to the energy element. The band has learned over time how to find a balance between playing tight, song writing and playing with energy. We are far from perfect but I think we have a good balance right now. Everyone in the band wants to put on a good show.  We really try to play as a group for the benefit of the whole band, rather than for our own personal gratification (not to say we don’t enjoy it). I think the sound has developed and adapted, but we would still fit the same genre as the early days.  



Last year you released your debut album Any Given Weekend which was a highly anticipated release for 2014. Would you be able to provide a little bit of insight into the drive behind the concept for this album and what you believe are the real highlights on the soundtrack? Also how do you feel it was received by your fan base? Did it exceed your expectations? 

Speaking for myself I avoided allowing myself to develop expectations. We did our best with what we had available to us, put it out there and tried to think positive.  It was up to the the public what they make of it. I’d say it was recieved well because we are playing to much bigger crowds from before it Any Given Weekend was released, particularly interstate. It has been an absolute pleasure to be selling out venues that in the past would be filled with a handful of loyals. 

The concept of the album has been described (probably better) before as an ode to partying, the good, the bad and the ugly. A shambolic ride into adolescence. My favourite tracks are ‘The Haunted’, ‘Sick Boy’, ‘Any Given Weekend’ and ‘You and I’.  Picking your favourite songs is nothing like choosing a favourite child.  


Last year was an exceptional year for Northeast Party House and it was climaxed by your fantastic performance at The Falls Music & Arts Festival. Talk us through some of your highlights of the past year and a little bit about the experience and importance as a band from Melbourne having the opportunity of performing on the Valley Stage in Lorne. Where does that show sit in your list of top performances as a band?  

Again thank you for the kind words. The highlight was really seeing the band’s audience grow as we toured the album throughout the year. Coming back to familiar venues and seeing the same faces and a whole lot more is a huge buzz. It was exciting to see it unfold right before our eyes.  Falls was the other highlight. I would say the Falls valley stage show was our second most enjoyable gig ever after our Falls Byron show the following night. We definitely prefer the night time ambiance, we had our trusty lighting guy and somehow snagged a great set time. 


You guys are gearing up to head on the Double Darts Tour this March/April playing some of Australia’s best and most iconic venues. What can punters expect from this tour and can you divulge into any secrets that are in the works for Northeast fans?

A new set as always, maybe some old tracks, maybe some new unreleased material. Hopefully we can learn a new sing a long cover to play if we encounter any technical difficulties. The only way to find out is to come down.  


How can i get my hands on some tickets to come and see you guys up close and personal? Please tell me it’s not to late! 

It’s not too late, but the venues tell us that tickets are selling fast. You can check out our event on Facebook here.


Check out the fantastic video of Northeast Party house performing ‘Sick Boy’ live below.


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