Chet Faker – 1998 feat Banks

There is no stopping Chet Faker. With a well-received debut album released last year, the momentum is still rolling for this Melbourne bred producer, singer, songwriter. Just when you thought the tunes from Built On Glass could not get any better; a new version is released with a fantastic addition to the already standout tune.

From a solo to a duet, ‘1998’ will now be heard with LA’s sultry songstress, Banks on additional vocals, taking up verse and chorus in the second half of the song. The sound remains the same, but the extra vocals completely shake up the substance of the tune; it now has much more narrative and context with two people seemingly singing to each other.

With the last time for fans to catch Chet Faker for a while dwindling fast, the second release of ‘1998’ comes at a convenient time for the singer. It reminds fans (as if they’d forgotten) that this Australian local has some damn good talent to show off.

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