Chrome Sparks – Parallelism

Chrome Sparks
Future Classic

For any electronic music fan, there are a few names that one should know and Brooklyn producer, Chrome Sparks, is well and truly one of them. This talented individual embodies all that is great about alternative electronic music. His newest EP, Parallelism, delivers on both uniqueness and innovation for digital sound.

Soft and ambient calculated noise fills the three exotic tracks of which are packed full of sweeping synth and delicate rhythms. Each track breaches the six minute mark, the longest being just shy of 10 minutes long. One talent Chrome Sparks has is the ability to manoeuvre between opposites on songs like the loud and the quiet on the opening track, ‘Moonraker’; featuring soft sweeping high-hats that given way to sharper cutting synths all backed by a bass thump rhythm.

‘Give It Up’ flows similarly but with jittering looped sounds that pan back and forth across the space that the track fills. A digital bass line carries the rhythm that leads to some hypnotising sounds below some muffled vocals. The style is repetitive, yet does not drain away leaving a listener disinterested. It captivates with its complexity.

The purposeful peaks and valleys of sound throughout this short EP are impressive to say the least. In some moments, the long tracks may seem to be getting lost in their own noise, but Chrome Sparks is a craftsman at keeping it interesting with rhythmic interruptions to the beat that make a well defined beginning, middle and end to each of the three tracks.

By the end of the EP, what is left is a reminder that electronic music isn’t all just bangers and mash (anthems and remixes), rather that there are intelligent electronic music producers that are floating in the music sphere, you just have to find the right channels to reach them.

Backed by Future Classic, Parallelism is out now via iTunes and you can head to Chrome Sparks’ SoundCloud to get a listen to some moments from the EP right now.

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