Cosmos Midnight – Moments

Cosmos Midnight
Moments EP
Astral People

If you haven’t heard of the bubbly electronic duo, Cosmos Midnight, there is a high chance that you will most definitely be talking about them very soon. Strolling around with some quality bootlegs, remixes and sneaky originals, the young guns have now delivered a six track EP full of the sound that has made them stand out in the pack.

Moments is an absolute delight, featuring some of Cosmos Midnight’s closest allies in the music making game. You’ll find tracks featuring Waver Racer, Sarah Bonito and Lido across the EP. Once again, the collaboration game is strong in the world of electronic music – and Cosmos Midnight prove that it is essential to maximise your creativity to its fullest potential.

‘Trapped’ opens up Moments like a sparkling ball of chip-tune sounds and gorgeous bright synths, with a little help that is immediately recognised as Waver Racer. ‘Hurt’ is an adorable love song that is followed a smooth jam. And, possibly the best of their tracks so far, ‘Walk With Me’, featuring Kučka. Smooth vocals and down tempo vibes make this tune an excellent one that is both catchy and easy to listen to.

‘Falling Out’ retains that Wave Racer-esque sound, this time featuring Lido. The upbeat positivity on these tracks is contagious, making them intensely colourful, addictive and catchy. If one thing is gathered from Moments, it is that Cosmos Midnight have discovered and consequently cemented their rhythm and sound – and it is a joy to hear.

Closing the EP is ‘Wide Eyed Boy’ – the most mellow track you will find among the six tunes.

If you love electronic music, Cosmos Midnight are two producers that you must check out. They ooze with potential and innovation that is present in Moments and will be here for whatever excellent adventure they give to us in the future.

Stand out track: Walk With Me ft. Kučka.


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