Cub Sport – This Is Our Vice

Cub Sport
This Is Our Vice
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Brisbane’s Cub Sport have spent the past couple of years out of the spotlight, focusing on touring and developing their songwriting- the resulting album This Is Our Vice being evidence of this hard work.

With Cub Sport there was always a niggling fear that they would fall into the same traps as too many other young Australian bands- getting caught up in producing cheesy, almost novelty music instead of stepping out and growing up as musicians. This fear was unfounded, however, as Cub Sport have come into their own, maturing as songwriters and have produced what will certainly be regarded as one of Australia’s best pop releases this year.

The quartet have exercised a great deal of self-control when making This Is Our Vice, creating a synth-pop record without a trace of outdated sounds, while still drawing parallels to great acts of the ’80s and ’90s. One of the most outstanding features throughout the record is Tim Nelson’s vocals- his voice now seems, somehow, more genuine and invested and this truly makes all the difference. In doing so, however, Cub Sport have in no way lost their signature vocal harmonies.

Singles ‘Only Friend’ and ‘I Can’t Save You’ prove all-too-perfect introductions to the record as a whole, capturing all the progression they’ve made. ‘It Kills Me’ is a certain album highlight, and the control evidenced in ‘Come On Mess Me Up’ is stunning.

If anything, This Is Our Vice lacks a little variety, but not nearly enough to detract from the collection of truly great synth-pop tracks. Cub Sport have nailed it.

Standout Track – It Kills Me

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