A day at Sounds Of The Suburbs

On Sunday, just as the black clouds and rain started to set in, the Shire’s favourite festival Sounds Of The Suburbs was back for 2016. Despite the pretty dismal weather that managed to rain out one of the three stages, the day was a huge success, with every band that took the stage smashing their sets and giving it their all.

Kicking the day off at the El Sol stage was Mini Skirt, followed by The Cloacas…Who get an honourable mention for the most interesting outfits worn on the day. The four piece wore nothing but underwear and stockings/masks over their head, which I’m sure no one in the crowd was complaining about.

Because of the rain the inside stage, which featured some of the smaller bands was at capacity almost all day, which was a great chance for these bands to show punters what they were made of. A new favourite of mine, Melbourne self-described ‘thrash rock’ trio Heads Of Charm were one of the stand outs of the day, drawing in a huge crowd absolutely slaying their set.

Outside on the main stage Alex Lahey, who was clearly a crowd favourite, unsurprisingly nailed her set. Aside from her music being so relatable and infectious, there is just something about her stage presence that makes it almost impossible not to notice her. Her singles ‘Let’s Go Out’, ‘You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me’ and ‘Ivy League’, along with the majority of her set had people screaming back lyrics.

Guantanamo Baywatch and Red Wine Roses occupied the stages next, both creating such huge sounds and completely overpowering the incoming storm, while Wild Honey had just about the perfect indie sound to accompany the beach side festival. With the rain becoming heavier, one stage was forced to be closed, causing a bit of a re-shuffle of the line-up, which was done super smoothly without too much disruption to the day.

DZ Deathrays were next on the main stage and were another definite highlight of the day. The laneway was completely packed to the brim for this set and there was circle pits forming within seconds of the band hitting the stage. Playing crowd favourites Gina Works At Hearts and No Sleep they also dropped their brand new track Pollyanna which sent the entire laneway through the roof. Despite the rain coming in fairly heavy three quarters of the way through their set, it didn’t deter one crowd member or the band, who continued to smash through their set.

Finishing the night off back in the comfort of the inside stage was Big WhiteWashPist Idiots and Baxter, while a last minute DJ set by the Dune Rats boys went down across the road to make up for the closure of one of the stages. Altogether, it was such a well-run, organised day that I didn’t hear one negative comment about. It was so great to see the amount of local and community support for the festival, and if you haven’t had the chance to make it to a Sounds Of The Suburbs yet, I highly recommend you put it on your to-do list for 2017!

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