Disclosure at Festival Hall (Melbourne)

Hayden James had his name up in capital letters and neon lights as he took centre stage to start the party. Colourful strobes flicked throughout the hall as he set the tone with smooth deep house to put everyone in a feel good mood. James’ performance of original tracks including ‘Permission To Love’ and the sublime remix of Duke Dumont’s ‘Ocean Drive’ created excitement as he incorporated live sound effects and bass notes to further enhance each track. ‘Something About You’ was the tune everyone was waiting for and he gave a double serving including Odesza’s infectious remix that accentuated the build up to an explosion of mesmerising synths and ethereal vocal melodies.

Disclosure hoped we came to party despite being a Wednesday night and potentially still hungover from a big New Year’s Eve. The crowd’s reaction spoke for itself as they danced uncontrollably without showing any sign of defeat. Brother’s Guy and Howard Lawrence really pulled out all the stops on this tour, fully loaded with all the upgrades to boot. They stood on opposite sides of the stage and faced eachother in their own podium surrounded by high tech production equipment and instruments at their reach. As the hall became covered in a thick layer of smoke, they drew us in to their thrilling electronic music wonderland.

Beginning by heavily featuring material from their new album Caracal, visuals of the mysterious cat-like creature flicked in the background as a high BPM filled our eardrums and consumed the rhythm of our bodies. Crowd favourites ‘Omen’ and ‘Magnets’ sparked excitement as outlines of guest vocalists who couldn’t be present appeared on screen in all sorts of shapes and Disclosure-fied face outlines.

All of a sudden we were treated to an unexpected guest vocalist in the flesh as Lion Babe was welcomed to the stage to perform ‘Hourglass’. Singer Jillian Hervey emerged in a sparkling gold outfit with big hair and platform shoes to give some impressive high kicks and show off her powerhouse vocals. Next up Brendan Reilly graced the stage with his big soulful voice for ‘Moving Mountains’ with some crazy big, full throttle drops from Guy and Howard to compliment.

Disclosure have certainly come a long way with their live shows, having first performed to only about one hundred or so people in Melbourne a few years ago when they were starting out. Fast forward to the present day and times that number by fifty and they’re selling out shows like this to more than five thousand people.

They don’t usually do requests at their shows but they decided to test the audience’s response before their final track. By popular demand they conclude with ‘Latch’ to send the crowd into a frenzy one last time as they increased the energy levels to elevating proportions.

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