Django Django – Marble Skies

Django Django’s third album Marble Skies pushes the London group further to the mainstream, but still keeps their unique multi-genre sound intriguing and inviting.

After the overly grandiose Born Under Saturn in 2015, Marble Skies highlights the multi-genre mastery of the group, but keeps things heading towards a good time. The title track kicks off into a hypnotic space-rock pulse, really leading off the album strongly. The bass and synths really keep the song’s pace in check, a mix-up that is concise and an album highlight.

‘Surface to Air’ features Rebecca Taylor from Slow Club on vocals, and the track’s groove is sure to be a set highlight from Django Django when played live. The dance-hall percussive beats fit well with the genre’s resurgence from artists like Drake and Rhianna, ensuring that this track will get heavy play-time from the album. Moving further into the pop side of things, ‘Champagne’ is easily an album highlight, with its upbeat mood and bass groove hooking you in from the get-go.

First single ‘Tic Tac Toe’ features Django Django’s signature psych-rock sound, mixing it up with some killer harmonies clashing nicely with the punchy guitar track. The latest single off Marble Skies ‘In Your Beat’ is the most memorable track off the record, with the big-sounding and feeling dance song leaving a mark. Hitting that perfect balance between indie pop and huge dance track, the synths bounce along with a terrific drum line, ensuring this track will be a Django Django staple going forward.

Overall, Marble Skies is definitely a return to form for the UK-group, refining their unique concoction of psych-rock, dance, and pop into a much clearer sound. While the multi-genre aspects continue to transform throughout the album, even in singular tracks, the third effort from Django Django takes small steps towards the mainstream, resulting in their most polished effort yet.

Marble Skies from Django Django is out now.

Watch the video for Tic Tac Toe.

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