Eves Karydas: Good vibes only

Eves Karydas, after spending the last two years working towards a new musical direction in the UK, has had an absolute whirlwind couple of weeks. It’s her first time performing in Australia since her debut run of headline shows as Eves The Behaviour back in 2015 and she’s not holding back: supporting Cub Sport and Dua Lipa while also throwing in a couple of solo shows. She jumped on the phone with Maddy Macquine from her parent’s home in Brisbane to chat about what’s to come.

I’ve heard you wrote over 50 songs while you were in London. Is there an album coming? With that many songs, have you picked out what you’re going to put on it?

Yeah, there’s an album. I think I’ve picked them out – it’s been a long process. But I’m really happy I have so much to choose from. I mean, it’s been a very inspiring time for me over the last two years. I’m kind of feeling like a crazy rabbit just writing all the time. I’m really happy. I just can’t wait to release the next couple of songs as well because I love them and I love the direction it’s going. It’s been a nice transition starting with There For You and then Further Than The Planes Fly and then after this it goes in a different direction again. It’s all a very natural progression.

There’s been a real focus on your own strength and femininity so far. Is that going to continue to come up?

Yeah, definitely. I think the next couple of songs are largely about friendship and loyalty and putting your friends and people close to you before fucking shit up with some boy or something. Actually, a couple of the songs coming out are very much about feeling confident in your sexuality and just feeling like that’s a power that we have as women. And men too, but it’s all very empowering. I think that’s the kind of thing I’ve been going for with the songs I’ve been putting out. I want everything to feel good and I don’t want anything to feel like I’m wallowing. It all has to be empowering and uplifting and positive, which is very new for me because I never really used to write that way. So, it’s just nice. It’s nice seeing my personal life which is where I’m getting this energy from coming through in the music.

What you were saying about empowering yourself through sexuality for women – that’s something we’re usually not allowed to do and told to keep private.

Yeah, absolutely. It’s a part of my life where I’ve left home and went overseas and just felt very independent, I think for the first time in my life. It’s nice to just have fun and feel sexy and to feel like you’re in control of what you’re doing. That’s an energy that’s gonna come out in the next couple of songs and I’m super excited about exploring that visually as well. We’re starting to talk about videos right now and it’s all very exciting.

Speaking of exploring that visually, the There For You video is a pretty great example – my mind goes straight to the part where you’re picking the fruit tingles off of your body. You’re really feeling yourself in that video.

Yeah, totally. That’s the first video I’ve done in a long time so on the set I arrived and thought, “Oh shit, there’s a big crew here,” and I kind of just got very candid and thought, “Okay, I have to bring it.” It was so fun, I worked with such an amazing director and she made me feel comfortable. Clare Gillen, that’s her name. It was fun because I’ve never put myself out there that way before and everyone there was so into it and supportive. It just felt like the energy on set was captured perfectly. I’m so happy with that clip. I love the way it turned out.

It really shows. I’m interested to know how all of these things have been feeding into your live shows – how has the tour with Cub Sport been going?

It’s so amazing! We’re all from Brisbane but we’ve never actually met before. They passed through London probably about a month ago now, and that was the first time I’d met them, so at that point, I sort of knew that I was maybe doing the tour. Then they were in LA the next week and so was I, so we hung out in LA, and then finally we’re both back in Australia and we kicked off the tour. They’re so lovely. I love being around them. They’re such positive people and everything they stand for is so refreshing. They’re so transparent with their views on things and I love that because stuff can get pretty convoluted with artists sometimes – you know, are they just making a statement on sexuality or feminism because it’s a trend? But with Cub Sport it’s completely genuine, so I really love being around them for that reason. The shows as well. They have such lovely fans. It’s been really great for me getting back on the road in front of those audiences because I haven’t played live in about 2 years.

I can imagine their fans would be very receptive to you. Their activism seems to really resonate with you – is that something you’re going to push with your album? Are you going to focus on a broad message or is it more about your individual story?

I think the individual experience that I’ve been having is part of a larger story. I prefer to focus on my experience because that’s the only way I can really make comment on anything and feel comfortable doing so. It has to be a meaningful message to me first to be meaningful to anyone else so that’s sort of where I’m coming from with my record and my visuals. I think I have some nice stuff to say. I hope so.

That makes sense. Artists are always just trying to put out work that other people are going to connect with.

Yeah, definitely. Even if you’re just making some sort of statement on heartbreak, it’s equally as powerful as making a statement on some sort of social issue. It’s just whatever’s true to you. It if it’s true to you and you’re speaking in a way that’s clear and concise, it’s gonna resonate with people.

What about Dua Lipa?

I’m so glad that you brought this up.

What was it like meeting her?

It was just such a surprise for her to come into my dressing room! I kind of get the impression that doesn’t happen very often with headline acts. I was just sitting there and she walked past and looked and just sauntered in and introduced herself. She’s the image of loveliness, I was completely blown away. I have so much respect for her as an artist. She’s like a force, especially just watching her show. You can just see how much work she’s put into it and it’s paying off in such a big way. Her message is beautiful and she’s beautiful.

Is her audience as receptive as Cub Sport’s?

Wow, they’re so nice. It felt like most of the people were already there for my set which was so nice. That doesn’t always happen when you’re supporting. She just seems to have a fanbase [who are] all friends. After the show, I got stopped by a bunch of people. It was so sweet. Everyone was thanking me, like, “Thank you for being here!” and I was like, “Oh, no. Thank you!” The energy of love in the air was so strong and I feel very grateful to be given the opportunity to be on these shows. I only found out about two weeks ago and I kind of lost my shit. She stands for something lovely and therefore makes everything feel lovely. It’s a very infectious feeling.

Speaking of your live show, what is it looking like?

The set up for live is really the same [as 2015]. We put it together really quickly before the Cub Sport tour started and it’s just been really nice seeing it’s flesh itself out over the duration of this tour. I’m working with two amazing guys, Ben and Mikey. We’re just pals and it’s nice to be pals on stage. For me, everything I do in my career, from the ground up, from writing songs to performing them, has to be based on friendship. It has to be this family feeling and I really feel like we’ve got that on this tour. Moving forward, it’s just going to continue and get stronger.

As a support, you kind of have to make do with the stage that you get given but it’s just so fun playing all these songs I’ve never played before that no one knows. But also it’s a little bit tough because, you know, when you’re playing songs no one knows you’ve gotta really keep them engaged, but everyone’s been super lovely about it.

Have you been playing any Eves The Behaviour songs?

I’ve been playing ‘Electrical’ but that’s it.

Almost a completely new setlist, then! You said earlier that you’ve been feeling more positive and confident in the process of writing these new songs – do the older songs still feel like you?

It’s just a different time of my life. Those songs feel different to the rest of the set, but it is nice to play them because people know them and I know they’re songs that mean something to people. I’ve been getting comments afterwards saying, “Wow, I knew you two years ago and it’s so nice to see you playing that song along with all your new stuff.” It is a very big progression but I think it’s important to fit it in there just for that purpose.

Finally, what about that album? When will we get it?

I don’t even know myself yet. In a couple of months, I guess, but we’ve got a bunch of other songs to put out before then. We’ll have to wait and see. I don’t know what I’m doing in two weeks time let alone four months.

In less than four months, Eves Karydas will be playing Splendour In The Grass at North Byron Parklands. Her set will be on Sunday, the 22nd of July. Find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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