Premiere: G Elenil – Kin

Image: Meg Williams-Dell

With all of the success that Cypriot-Australian artist G Elenil has achieved, it’s almost unbelievable that she only made her official debut last year. The Brisbane rapper, producer, artist and fashion designer is one of the cream of hip-hop artists coming out of the BNE right now. Exploding onto the scene, she blends hip-hop, pop and r’n’b flawlessly. Quickly becoming a mainstay of community and sharing the stage with the likes of Little Simz and Futuristic, and performing at Laneway Brisbane, not to mention supporting The Harpoons and Genesis Owusu,  G Elenil has come to take no prisoners.

Friday May 4th she drops her debut EP Kin, an epic exploration of self and family. On this EP, Elenil takes her hip-hop roots and launches into the world of trap, pop, dance and rnb, spanning this six track project. Teaming up with frequent collaborator tomtom G Elenil has achieved one of the most difficult things in music: creating a sonic landscape that is simultaneously diverse and cohesive. Lead track ‘Something’ gets an upgrade from it’s pop laced vibe into a full scale sound that sets the tone for the EP. ‘BadTime’ completely pulls the rug out from under listener, showing off her badder side to her artistry. ‘Kin’ is a fascinating insight into G Elenil’s home life and public persona. On ‘Same Here’ she raps ‘I’m the kind of bitch who getting beats for free’ with an air of knowing, you can almost envision the smirk on her face as she spits the line at you. She speaks, fully aware of perceptions and misconceptions that are levelled at women in hip-hop around the world and she emerges prepared to take them on, disprove them and destroy them. Owning her sexuality, attitude and defiantly sending out to the world, Kin defines why G Elenil is one best coming out of Brisbane. The EP closes with ‘Cool It’, leaving listeners profoundly affected by her honest approach to sex and love, a perfect closer on an exceptional release.  

As a live performer, G Elenil is a force to be reckoned with, she commands the stage. Brisbane hip-hop fans are already well aware of this, with Melbourne fans learning at last year’s Girls To The Front showcase. With the release of the EP, she has announced a three date tour in July in Brisbane, Melbourne and a yet-to-be-announced Sydney date.

Outside of music G Elenil is an outspoken activist, volunteer and launched Plane Street, her own streetwear brand. Inspired by her mother, she bringing a fresh take to merchandise with the goal of creating her own lines and collections. A true entrepreneur, she takes on any challenge and ever expands her skill set.

A note from G Elenil:

It took just over 6 months for the full EP to take shape and in that time the music developed a unique story, gently reflecting my experiences in that time. Each song on Kin was made in a unique way. Some of it was written by me and brought to frequent collaborator, tomtom; others were made together during long studio days at All G Records, bouncing between moods. I wanted to make an album that was immersive and relatable that might mean something to the listener. I often feel really misunderstood so overall I wanted to communicate many shades while making it clear that I feel most comfortable when I am allowed to speak candidly from experience. This group of songs came really naturally to me and I hope people enjoy listening to it.”

KIN is out May 4th. A national tour begins in July.


This tour will take place on stolen land. Sovereignty never ceded.

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