Get around your locals: A playlist from Halcyon Drive

Legends stanning legends. A concept that we stan. On that note, local indie-rockers Halcyon Drive have today shared with us a playlist of Melbourne’s finest. Get to know some excellent local acts as recommended by Max, Mick and Basil. Then, add ’em to your own musical collection. 

Approachable Members of Your Local Community

Max: Like their name suggests, yes they’re super friendly citizens. We played alongside the members in Sydney recently (easily spotted donning their baby blue Adidas get-up) and these lads clearly have the suave to rock up and bring a party- the Vulfpeck vibes are always appreciated.

We’re all over their simile orientated new single Velcro from the their recently released debut EP If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A mood that channels the smoothness of Mac DeMarco and Supertramp’s optimistic mood. I mean, a chorus that lays it out there, “we ain’t anything but Velcro, but you never let go…” Genius.


Mick: I’ve known Terry (one of the the musical masterminds behind Orlean) since his days fronting Melbourne pop stalwart Coach Bombay, and it’s clear that his ear for an impeccable pop melody is still well and truly alive! I love the minimalism in this, and the bravery to just simply surround a supreme vocal performance such with a thin scaffolding. Also digging the rhythmic vocal delivery and layering. Give this tune a listen and tell me you don’t get it stuck in your head.


Basil: Merpire’s Sarah Blasko-Esque voice is completely captivating and melodies reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac will give you happy shivers. Every song on her EP Endless Chatter leaves you wanting more.

Liv Cartledge

Basil: I am a sucker for an artist that embraces their Australian accent through music. Josh Pike, Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy), Tim Morrison (Trial Kennedy). The list goes on. So, when a friend recommended Liv Cartledge, I was immediately captured by her voice. You know when you hear an Aussie accent in an American film and is almost jarring? It’s the opposite to hear such familiar utterances in music. Coupled with the very nostalgic sound of the rest of this particular song, this one is a winner for me.

Essie Holt

Basil: Have you heard Essie Holt sing? What a voice! An instant pop star. An excellent mix between pop and dance. I can’t decide if I want jump up and down at a gig or dance at a club to this tune. Maybe both? Definitely both. Now we just need to wait for her to blow up and be too cool to talk to us. Remember us, Jess.

Cop the video for Halcyon Drive’s new song Agnosia below. The band are heading on tour later this month, and are gearing up to drop a new album by the end of the year.

Fri 10 Aug | Otto’s House Party at World Bar, Sydney Nsw
Sat 18 Aug | Secret Location, Melbourne Vic

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