The Griswolds – Right On Track

The Griswolds are definitely ‘Right On Track’ with this video which has the sugary pop taste of the 70s disco era. I’m talking neon purple lighting, simple visuals and of course, what any spacy funk lover deems as an outwards metaphor of their soul, the trademark disco ball swinging into the night.

While the video appears to be set in the laidback, sun-drenched Californian shores, the landmarks are recognisable to those who frequent Sydney. You can’t confuse the The Harbor Bridge as anything else as it towers over the city announcing its presence.

The keyboard sections are chirpy, like a little bird whistling its song. The video emulates a tropical feel, showing the band partying on a cruise, people dressed as sailors and business men winding down, swapping corporate suits and ties for Hawaiian shirts.

The message is to avoid becoming a business drone, a robotic tool of our ever-changing economy. Instead The Griswolds tell us to spend time with our loved ones, get on a cruise ship, dust off that old disco ball and form a band. Although I might have lost the meaning somewhere along the way, you can sum it up as another carpe diem, seize the day lesson (Ferris Bueller fans unite).

The most impressive aspect of the video is that it isn’t staged. It is footage from a floating harbour gig in Sydney and has a genuine euphoric feeling that glows over the band as they play. ‘Right On Track’ is from The Griswold’s debut album Be Impressive, an optimistic soundtrack that boasts good vibes and even better music. If you need something uplifting then buy their album and bam, catch their happiness, it’s contagious.


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