A guide to your Shakafest locals

With just under two weeks until Gold Coast festival Shakafest makes its debut, if you’ve been lucky enough to nab yourself a ticket, you might want to start thinking about how you’ll plan your day. Considering this is the first year Shakafest will be taking over Miami Tavern, the line-up features some of the sweetest talent in the country at the moment.

Headlined by some pretty legendary acts like Drapht, Dune Rats and Spit Syndicate, the event is also shining the light onto some newer, equally as amazing acts. To help you along throughout the day, we’ve curated a list to give you a bit of an insight into some of the talent that will be gracing the festival.



This is one band you certainly don’t want to miss. Although this is a four-piece made up of four kids under the age of 20, they have honed in on a sound that will make you think they have been playing for a lot longer than they have. On the back of the success of their recent single ‘All Things Good’, this will be the band’s first festival appearance, so there’s no doubt it will be full of hyped up, surfy energy.



Definitely the heavest band that will play, this is the king of music that makes you feel like you should be hanging out in a dimly lit biker bar. Think fairly heavy rock meshed with some bluesy, grungy influences and that’s the sound you get from Trapdoor. With an EP on the horizon, fingers crossed they will bust out some new tracks.


White Blanks

Hailing from the South Coast of New South Wales, the self-described “stoner garage rock” duo exude the perfect amount of grit and scuzz rock, and will pull you in with their infectious sound. Yeah they may only be a two piece, but these guys know how to smash a set and start a mosh.



As the newest band on the bill, only forming earlier this year, this band was pretty hard to track down online. With a self-described surf punk sound, this will be the mystery set of the festival. So if you like a bit of a surprise and feel like giving some fresh tunes a listen, you may just find your new favourite Gold Coast band.


Jurassic Nark

Bringing a mesh of fuzzed out indie rock, indie pop and punk, these guys deliver a sound that gives you a decent kick in the guts…in a good way of course. With song titles like ‘Blood Nose’ and ‘Kook City’, they’re not the deepest or emotionally driven songs, but they’re sure as hell fun and are near impossible to sit still to.



Another act on the line-up featuring some pretty amazing female talent, Bleach Girls are reminiscent of a 90’s beach punk sound. Although they are only a two piece, they deliver one hell of a punch, and if their previous shows are any indication of what their set will bring, there’s no doubt this will be one for the moshers



This band has honed in on such a unique sound that teamed with lead singer Matty Took’s vocals produces such a laid back and infectious sound. With indie rock/pop influences and jangly melodies, I have no doubt Planet’s live set will reverberate throughout the entire festival and will leave good vibes lingering even once they have left the stage.


The Vanns

These guys are on the up and up and are no strangers to putting on a huge show. It seems as though the trio are constantly touring the country, and as their sound continually sharpens and evolves, so does their live set. This one will be packed with a surfy, upbeat energy that will make it hard to forget about this band.


Lotus Ship

Although they only formed in 2015, Lotus Ship have quickly proved their worth with their singles ‘I’m The Guy’ and ‘Lock & Key’. Psychedellic, surf rock and indie elements all shine through, which are complimented by Mitchell Watterson’s stunningly scratchy vocals.


Von Villains

Describing their sound as the product of a cheaply made horror film and an old school 70’s crime film, these Gold Coast locals will be the band you will be able to bust all your moves best moves to. I’ve never seen them play before, but I have a gut feeling they will be bringing funk to the stage and that makes me a happy girl.


Peach Fur

Teamed with reggae, indie, surf pop and rock influences, this is another sound that is just pure, simple fun. The twangy guitar will work its way into your ear holes and will overload your brain with laid back, indie goodness.


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