Hey Geronimo – Boredom

Hey Geronimo’s new single ‘Boredom’ is a preview of their upcoming debut album Crashing Into The Sun. It has been a few years since the band hit the airwaves with ‘Why Don’t We Do Something’ and ‘Carbon Affair’, the latter having a spot on the album. ‘Boredom’ gives us a taste of what to expect, with a more developed sound from the band’s earlier hits.

There is no denying that the group still have elements of flavourful pop in their music, but they have adopted a nice blend of it in ‘Boredom’. With rock-and-roll guitar riffs and adequate contrast with lines of vocal prominence, there is a sense of growth in the song itself. It oozes a far less than vain confidence, a feeling of hitting that sweet spot – they have got the sound they want. They really have.

The music video for ‘Boredom’, a song about nothing less than ‘proactive procrastination’, pays homage to twenty-five other bands from Queensland. It’s no secret that the state produces a mass of talented musicians, and it’s a very friendly scene with little competition, too. The camera rolls along, the entire video in one shot, showing the bands playing the song and having a good time. It’s truly impressive that what one might consider an up-and-coming band has the likes of Sheppard and TISM – bigger bands – in their music video, not to mention bands such as Born Joy Dead and Tin Can Radio – smaller bands with primarily a local audience. The diversity of the bands featured in ‘Boredom’ is terrific. I did not expect something like the Geenbung Community Church Choir, but their cameo in the bridge is perfect. A high-five to Hey Geronimo for shedding light on local bands that people may not have heard about, at the same time adding another music video to their unique, unusual and amusing collection.

We must not also forget that Sheppard hit the top of the charts with ‘Geronimo’, a song that does not really reference Hey Geronimo at all – but Hey Geronimo often receive tweets from fans of Sheppard who think that they are the band behind the hit song. Obviously, the two groups are still friends. Another piece of trivia: ‘we stole that line from the TISM’ appears in the band’s song ‘I’ll Be There’, so it’s no wonder why TISM appears in ‘Boredom’, too. There is another piece of HG history in Danaj The Unstoppable’s appearance – we recognise his face on Hey Geronimo’s first round of t-shirts, and he also sung on stage with Hey Geronimo at some of their live shows.

The video ends with the members of Hey Geronimo ready to give the song a blissful finish, but much to the amusement of the viewer, their own song has finished before new keyboardist Pluto Jonze can hit the keys, before Tony can make use of his drumsticks, and before Ross, Bingers and Pete can play a single note or chord, much less utter a single word. Seemingly disappointed, they walk out of the camera’s view as it fades out.

We didn’t expect anything less from this Brisbane band, also set to jump on their Longest Shortest Tour next weekend – a huge day of ten shows in a single day, all in Sydney. You can win a VIP ticket on the Longest Shortest Tour bus, by entering this competition!

The Longest Shortest Tour – Saturday 27th February, 2016

10:00am – Secret Garden Festival*
12:30pm – Petersham Bowls Club, Petersham
01:30pm – Newtown Hotel, Newtown
02:30pm – Chippendale Hotel, Chippendale
04:00pm – Red Eye Records, Sydney CBD
05:00pm – Bald Faced Stag, Leichardt
06:20pm – Plan B, Sydney CBD
08:00pm – Kings Cross Hotel, Kings Cross
09:15pm – Captain Cook Hotel, Paddington
11:30pm – Moonshine, Manly

Admission is free for all shows except *

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