Hey Geronimo – Finale

Be warned: the following piece of history is older than the #GTAmoments hashtag that trended on Twitter when you were all reminiscing about not actually doing the missions in GTA.

Karaoke has its origins in Asia, but has become widely popular in Western culture, particularly at bachelor parties, weddings, or other social events usually when someone decides to get plastered. Because apparently it is funny to watch someone slur over their words under the influence of alcohol. But long before this time was a time of karaoke videos. Yes, videos. I remember many a time when I was ten years old, at family gatherings, someone would put on the VCR, VCD (yes, Video Compact Discs) or even DVD player (if you were rich enough to own one), and we would get some bootleg footage of the Beatles, or footage stolen from the opening footage of a Beatles DVD, or, get this — tribute Beatles bands. I know because their moustaches were fake. Along with that, typical white-with-black-outline text of the lyrics on screen, with some hot pink or light blue highlight indicating what words were being sung in the background.

Now that you have had that joyous piece of history in your mind, let Hey Geronimo take you back. Let them give you the corny, irrelevant footage of a young Asian lady, low angle shots, scenery of just about everything from the ocean, sunset (the sunset people, the sunset), your token guy with swagger (in this case Pete with a moustache and some hipster pants), some really almost-as-bad-as-Comic-Sans font, transitions from Windows Movie Maker, and you have it. You have your perfect bad karaoke video, complete with <muffled voices> and <unclear drum noise> or whatever sound effect you can throw between a pair of brackets. It’s almost like the video for Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Why are there random dudes dancing in it? Are the low angle shots really necessary?

For a song that is actually about dying in a nightclub fire, the video for ‘Finale’ is ingeniously irrelevant. And hey, now you know all the lyrics too, so it’s a bonus.

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