Holy Holy at Jive (Adelaide)

Holy Holy have been absolutely killing it since their birth, releasing fantastic songs such as ‘House Of Cards’ and ‘You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog’. The band has gained some pretty significant support slots, opening for acts such as Boy & Bear and The Preatures on their national tours. Now, with an ever-growing fanbase and a release of their debut album When The Storms Would Come, they’ve decided to put on their own headline tour.

Main support Fractures were every bit as delightful and awe-inspiring as they were mesmerising. It was then, pretty unfortunate, that a pretty hefty chunk of the crowd were talking and yelling most of the way through their set (in fact, I even heard some pretty victorious shouts from the foosball table in the corner).

Much misaligned with the sort of moody Coldplay vibes that were coming from the stage – and I refer to Coldplay in the best way possible -, singer Mark Vito was a little quirky and a little awkward on stage. His banter was second to none, however, and definitely gave a fantastic contrast to the music.

Up next were the indie rock heavyweights and headliners of the night, Holy Holy. You know that a show’s going to be good when they have intro music before they walk on. Seriously, I’ve never seen a band perform poorly when they’ve walked out to an introduction.

The band of five extremely talented musicians played a bunch of tracks from their debut album and debut EP, with the highlights no doubt being ‘You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog’, and the opener ‘History’. Their style of music is really interesting, in that it feels so safe and familiar, fitting under the alternative rock umbrella (see: Trial Kennedy, Interpol), while at the same time it feels as through they’re taking everything that’s been done and really paving a new pathway for music.

There’s no doubt that these guys are chock full of talent, and can exhibit fantastic levels of musicianship on stage. There was barely a lull in their hour long set, and I can assure you that the sold out crowd adored every minute.

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