In Conversation: Swim Season

A few hours before they jumped on stage to celebrate the release of new EP CascadesJames, Jono, Matt, and Nelson of Swim Season caught up with Rochelle for a bit of pre show banter. The group’s keyboardist Dani unfortunately couldn’t make it, but she was there in spirit.

With the release of your debut EP imminent, what can you tell us about your time creating it?

With a few things happening mid-year, we thought it a perfect time to really hone in on and nail the Swim Season sound. For a few months, we spent our time writing, refining and building upon our style and song list. The EP, Cascades is collaborative display of a sound and direction that we are all so stoked and proud of.


How was this studio experience different to your time recording earlier singles?

This time round, we hopped into the studio with producer, John Castle (Vance Joy, Josh Pyke, The Bamboos, Megan Washington) which was something new for us.

The way he worked to blend and shape our ideas to help form a more distinctive Swim Season sound was such a satisfying experience, and the time we took to push our sound to where it is now has definitely paid off for us.


With ‘Soldiers’ you seem to have honed your sound. Is this representative of the EP as a whole?

Whilst being a cohesive collection of new songs for us, Cascades was subject to months of testing, tweaking and moulding ideas in our home studio before going to work with John. We’re stoked with what we’ve come up with, and it feels good to know we are all on the same page in terms of songwriting and production.


You’re playing with Bad Pony in Sydney – you seem to have quite a good relationship with those guys. Can you tell us how that friendship developed?

Bad Pony are the nicest bunch of lads that you could meet. We have known them for years, probably since back in 2010 when we were both variations of our current selves in ‘We The People’ and ‘Lovers Jump Creek’.

Over the years we have shared, recorded with, collaborated with, hosted, gigged with and inevitably seen each other grow our music collectives into what they are today. They are like family to us, and we are so proud of how well they are doing – it’s about time they are starting to get noticed!


A couple of you have other projects that have been going well of recent. Are there things you’ve learned with Swim Season that helped propel those projects?

Absolutely. Although being in Swim Season is obviously a different dynamic with different people involved, you soon learn that things can and usually are done in a completely different way. Take songwriting for example. As a solo project, you can definitely have more freedom in decisions and directions, but at the same time, you miss the support and influence that each individual member brings forward to the group.

Swim Season works so well because we are all extremely passionate about what we do, but have an understanding that allows everyone in any situation to have their idea/opinion heard and considered.


What’s something you’d like to achieve in the next twelve months?

Playing the festival circuit. It’s seriously all we want to do! We want to be able to jump on stage, a bunch of people to know our tunes and for everyone to be jumping around enjoying themselves. Simple, yeah?


Cascades, the EP from Swim Season is out right now! You can grab it via BandCamp, or at a show.

November 28th | The Roxbury, Sydney
December 11th | Workers Club, Melbourne

Words by Gemma. Photos by Rochelle.

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