Jeremy Neale – Hold On Together ft. Phoebe Imhoff

Jeremy Neale is something special in local Australian music. Not only is he social media funny man (we recommend following his Facebook profile immediately), but he is a growing musical talent. From our first meetings with his unique take on indie-pop-rock with ‘Swing Left’ and ‘In Stranger Times’, the vibe from Neale was just down right fun music. Enter his latest tune, ‘Hold On Together’, and just when you thought you new what sound to label Neale with, he makes you think again.

Sounding something like a romantic 80s duet between two senstational pop-stars, ‘Hold On Together’ begins with some star-y 80s synth sounds before unfolding gracefully into a pop jam. Sharing the vocal duties is Phoebe Imhoff, who syncs lovely with Neale’s vocals. It’s upbeat, neat, sharp and pretty darn catchy. Please take special note of the brilliant saxophone solo that is placed genius-like alongside an acoustic guitar solo towards the end.

Jeremy Neale will keep throwing the curve ball in musical sound, initially sounding like a 50s swing band and now sounding more like a 80s pop duo. And we encourage this diversity in Australian music one hundred percent. So Jeremy, keep on keeping on pal!

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