Jeremy Neale – Hold On Together

In something I would normally describe as perennially awkward, Jeremy Neale’s ‘Hold On Together’ is a sweet song that bears an almost sour music video. It’s almost-laughable but not quite laughable, and it’s cute, but, nah… it’s really not.

The juxtaposition of such a smooth ballad with a cheesy, staged talk-show-performance as the video is both amusing and entertaining. If there was a way of getting into a song you probably wouldn’t normally listen to (that is, if you happen to not be a fan of Jeremy Neale – but why wouldn’t you be?), this music video has done it well.

There’s no studio audience in this video or anything, although the introduction of the camera and sound crew at the beginning of the video make it seem kind of like a big deal. The video clip gets progressively and tangibly funnier as we realise the starry effects, stage lights and faint smoke adequately supply the romantic disco ballad vibe. Supporting artist Phoebe Imhoff of Go Violets fame wears a casual floral dress, which looks strange alongside Jeremy’s sharp suit. The interactions between the two are ever so slightly reminiscent of ABBA’s ‘Mamma Mia’ video clip, with less… pizzazz, if you will. But we still feel comfortable watching the pair put in a similarly pizzazz-less effort.

It’s also quite funny how the loving, sweet lyrics of “you and me are the ones who hold it together baby” are evoked in no way whatsoever in the video. Rather than seeming forced, it actually seems like a solid effort by all. This might be highlighted by Jeremy’s “dat cool?” look at the end of the video, which leaves us giving the quiet response, “das pretty good”… you’re probably giving a nod of acceptance though, and will look up the song and listen to it again later.

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