Jeremy Neale – The Love Calling

Jeremy Neale is calling ladies left, right and centre – though actually, you could probably guess that he would love more female vocalists to join him. He’s grabbed both Phoebe Imhoff (for ‘Hold On Together’) and Hariette Pilbeam (for ‘The Love Calling’) for his recent releases, and they have added a new flavour to his warmly-welcomed Phil Collins-inspired style.

‘The Love Calling’ evokes a sense of uncertainty, with Jeremy having written the song when he felt a disenchantment for love. This experience is something we probably all achieve at some point in our lives. His new track takes us back to a bit of a dark place with shadows, perhaps alone, perhaps treading carefully, at least before the song ends.

Even in the lyrics, “it’s clear to us that you might have to be my love calling”, there is a hint of doubt. Doubt about love, about relationships, about sticking it out. Pilbeam joins in sharply on the repetition of “it’s clear to us” before the chorus kicks in, and it feels cold but dramatic. The traditional guitars and the hollow drum beat roll throughout the song like an old familiar dance track. It isn’t until the chorus returns and the bridge builds up that we feel more of a connection to the song, a thoughtful, deep and mature one, just as one matures in life’s journey through love.

The bass line holds strongly throughout the vocals in the chorus, heightening to the bridge, as the vocals gradually fade and are dubbed over by a layer of instrumental hum. Overall, ‘The Love Calling’ may leave us no fuller with love than we were before, but certainly not more empty. Jeremy Neale’s recent mature writing will make his upcoming EP Let Me Go Out In Style a very popular and well-loved release.

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