The Jungle Giants – Kooky Eyes

Only three weeks until the release their new album Speakerzoid and The Jungle Giants are getting the party started early with a new video for their single ‘Kooky Eyes’.

The video was directed, edited and styled by Brisbanite Michaela Holmes, who previously worked on their video for ‘Every Kind of Way’, and follows a quirky day in the life of what looks like a ’80s has been.

On the other side of the hill, slightly on edge and with kleptomaniac tendencies, the actress/model is shown signing autographs and being recognised in bars, living a glamorous life at home, and then stealing porcelain cat figurines and shoving them into her bag.

Her character suits the single’s title of “kooky eyes”, seeming slightly off centre and ready to snap at any moment, which we finally see when she’s arrested for theft and has to live on house arrest. With a martini in hand, of course.

The band is included in the video with your classic, well-lit cut-to-the-band-jamming shot, and we’re all again left in awe of Cesira’s cool levels and long flowing hair.

The song is a step away from The Jungle Giants’ previous pop-rock with a lighter feel, including more of a focus on synthesisers and the bells and whistles of the alternative/indie genre.

‘Kooky Eyes’ was included in their recent Every Kind of Way Tour to get fans pumped for the upcoming album, and I’m sure this indie, artsy video has people frothing at the mouth for more.

The band will be heading on their Speakerzoid Tour around Australia in the beginning of September, tickets are on sale now so head over to their website to grab some for yourself!


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