The Jungle Giants – Kooky Eyes

I have to admit I’m not an avid follower of The Jungle Giants, though I do like them. Their new single ‘Kooky Eyes’ has elements of indie bands from around the world. I’m reminded of The Plastics and The Flaming Lips in this particular number, where I can describe the entire track as being a funky, subtle vocal kind of number, with lots of bells and whistles.

The creative synth and recurring melody give the song a cheery feel, and a constant rhythm on the guitar support the various melodies that serve as “effects”. The repeated line “do you want to be my girl” is lazed over more than a few bars, and a beach-reminiscent melody draws the bridge out into a percussion party.

The melody continues through to the end of the song, and allows the vocals to stand out for a short period of time. There is a lot of dropping in and out of various instruments, giving the song a really jive-like feel, one you can dance to a little bit, but in the less obnoxious bounce-your-knees kind of way. It’s a light song that I can only imagine sounds more fun live… so we will have to look forward to that.

‘Kooky Eyes’ is what I would describe as an experimental, transitioning track. I’m sure The Jungle Giants have better surprises up their sleeve, and I definitely favour their older pop rock tracks with evident guitar – ‘She’s A Riot’ era. Call me old-fashioned or even an old fan, but after a really boppy start, I feel like ‘Kooky Eyes’ evolves into more of an exploration – I have mixed feelings on this one, but you can judge for yourself. It’s an easy one to get in your head.


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