Lauv impressed at his debut Melbourne show

Image by Jess Gleeson.

Judging by the lines outside The Corner at 6:30, anticipation was high to see LA star on-the-rise Lauv on his debut Australian tour. Before he could get going, punters were treated to opening acts Lakyn and Nicole Millar, with both getting the crowd going through their contrasting sets.

Lakyn would be familiar to viewers of that reality show where the chairs turn around, but for someone seeing him live for the first time were left very impressed. His talents on the mic and guitar were on full display, particularly on tracks like ‘West’ and ‘View Looks So Good”, oozing cool throughout the short set. Closing up with ‘Foreigner’, easily the set highlight, left myself and the crowd eager for new music from the Melbourne resident. 

Next to warm the stage was Nicole Millar, who came out firing with ‘Signals’, cranking the crowd’s energy levels to maximum. Millar’s dancing and room-filling vocals were a real treat from the get-go, particularly after kicking into the track that got her on everybody’s radar, Peking Duk’s ‘High’. The 2014 track is still an anthem at every festival it’s played, even more so with Millar belting out that iconic refrain and getting the Corner absolutely heaving. New track ‘Gimme A Break’ was only released days prior to the gig but the incredibly catchy tune had some serious energy live, with Millar’s pulsating new track one that will get some serious playback. Finishing up her energy-filled set with ‘Tremble’, the title track from her 2016 EP, Millar left the crowd dancing, and hyped up after a fantastic opening set.

Now it was time for Lauv to come out to rapturous applause, particularly after teasing his breakthrough single ‘I Like Me Better’. The energy from the crowd continued into opening track ‘Paris In the Rain’ which of course Lauv performed under a white umbrella. ‘Comfortable’ and ‘Reforget’ sounded great live, with Lauv’s obvious vocal talent matched only by his sheer charisma on stage. The 23-year-old worked the crowd to perfection, even receiving a rose from a fan to highlight the sold-out capacity crowd’s admiration. His collaboration with DJ Snake ‘A Different Way’ got everyone jumping as expected, with the track one of the energy-filled highlights from the set. Changing things up to sit at the keyboard and deliver ‘The Story Never Ends’, proved to be another example of the San Francisco-born artist’s versatility on stage. Equally adept on guitar, mic and contributing to more synth-based tracks, the set had enough diversity to keep Lauv from being a one-trick pony.

Taking a break to ask tough questions about Parmas vs Parmis (we all know it’s a Parma), Lauv kicked back into the show with ‘Easy Love’, having the crowd singing and dancing back in no time. ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘Breathe’ got some serious sing-alongs, particularly ‘Breathe’ which sounded incredible with the capacity crowd belting it out. Finishing the main set with new hit “Getting Over You” was another set highlight, before Lauv came back on to give a double-barrelled encore. Triple-platinum single ‘I Like Me Better’ was finally played which the crowd lapped up and delivered the biggest sing-along of the night, before the set was finished poetically with Lauv’s first-ever track ‘The Other’.

Lauv’s debut Melbourne show sets the bar high for further tours, with more music sure to lead to bigger venues and more shows for the 23-year-old. A versatile performer with the voice and charisma to take him far, Lauv’s show at the Corner proves that this young artist is one to keep an eye on.

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