Lime Cordiale – Feel Alright

The video for Lime Cordiale’s new tune ‘Feel Alright’ is trippy. It starts with guitarist Oli seemingly walking forwards on a black backdrop… wait, I probably don’t even want to start there, because if you watch the video from start to finish, you will find your mind in circles.

There is something to be said about a seemingly nonsense-filled video that was made with a green screen, has lots of stop-motion animation sequences, boys dressed in drag and some creative but really wacky ideas like handmade jellyfish costumes. The trick with Lime Cordiale’s video is that there is just enough to not be completely nonsense, but enough to make your eyes glued to the video because there is always something happening.

Very little in the video is linked to the lyrics of the song, apart from “feel alright” – the video gives us the impression that we’re on magic mushrooms or some kind of hallucinogenic drug. We feel alright, alright.

Other than the obvious occurrences of Oli dressed in drag, Louis painted as a red-skinned villain and a subliminal message to buy a giant yoga ball if you want legs as sexy as Oli’s – maybe you can try to spot the references to pooping rainbows, a stop-motion animation of a painting that shows urine coming out of a person’s body… that isn’t the only reference to digestion, with enough green screen effects showing Louis eating a miniature version of Oli and him dropping out of his body into the toilet.

I’m in no way implying it’s a bad video. The video suits the song and it’s pretty amusing, well worth a watch whether you have or have not heard the song itself. If you don’t like one of them, you’ll probably like the other.

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