Lime Cordiale – Feel Alright

If you’re looking for a good rock ballad with a jazzy twist, Lime Cordiale’s new tune ‘Feel Alright’ is the perfect mix of swing and rock. You’re in a bar, having a few drinks and a casual chat to your friends, and this is the right music for it. If you’re a Lime fan, you’ve probably heard this song before at one of their gigs, and you’re probably impressed hearing it on recording because it sounds pretty awesome.

The song begins with a soft, almost ambient world-music vibe. We’re used to seeing this kind of thing from Lime Cordiale. It’s a delectable and catchy beat that is adorned with clean vocals. The opening lyrics, sung by Oli Leimbach, are simplistic and use a wonderful example of assonance to haul us right in: “you get me high, yeah you get me by, you make me feel alright”. It’s followed by a beat and trombonist Brandon Champion’s cue.

The band’s vocals are always a stand-out, and while their music has put more of a focus on guitars and beats as of late, they haven’t missed showing off their unique vocal sound. The mix of both Oli and Louis’ voices are flawless, and they make a terrific vocal pair. Going into the chorus, it is particularly upbeat, and has more elements of classic rock than what we usually see from Lime Cordiale. Compared to their previous single ‘Hanging Upside Down’, ‘Feel Alright’ also has a less “murky” feel and is something you’d dance to with not-as-lazy hips.

An electronic bridge section winds the song down into a vocal solo before the brass instruments are queued up, strong bass and high chanting vocals supporting the ever-catchy chorus. Louis’ scatting towards the end and the touches of beatboxing before and after the bridge contrast with the chanting and the bridge. It’s a real mix of elements – jazz, rock, swing and some electronica – but it’s a song very well done. If you ever wondered and needed to hear why a band called Lime Cordiale had a couple of sell-out shows, then ‘Feel Alright’ will let you feel it.

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