Lime Cordiale – Not That Easy

Sydney’s Lime Cordiale are constantly having shows and love their under-18 audience – and what’s not to love about them? ‘Not That Easy’ is a more cool, pop-electronic move forward from previous psychedelic hit ‘Hanging Upside Down’, and as with any release from the unique group, we can expect a big round of shows.

Louis Leimbach’s vocals are always a fresh addition to any Lime song. In ‘Not That Easy’, they are prominent in drawls, slurs and scatting, but with electronic beats layered over. We’re used to hearing it raw and casual, whereas now they have a more refined, strong and deliberate tone. Lime Cordiale also makes use of a choral chant at the beginning to introduce the steady beat.

‘Not That Easy’ is worth a number of listens, because the catchy hooks have us right from the off, and they leave a notable impression. Dubbed as the “perfect summer jam”, this song is one that would definitely find its place at any casual, crowd-friendly summer event. The end isn’t much to boast for, but the soft breakdown definitely leaves us wanting more.

Lime Cordiale has put their own spin on what would otherwise be just another pop hit. It has taken some time for the band to develop to their current sound, but what with their range of singles over the past year – we can expect the band to surprise and wow us every time.

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