Luca Brasi – If This Is All We’re Going To Be

If This Is All We’re Going To Be
Luca Brasi
Poison City Records

I’ll be honest right now: Luca Brasi’s new album If This Is All We’re Going To Be is the best album I have heard in a couple of years. I’d never listened to much of the band before, but this album is one that the Tasmanian group wrote over the past couple of years. That might explain why it seems like a gem just burst out of the ground. I’ve listened to the album about half a dozen times already.

‘Aeroplane’ is a killer start. It’s got a catchy chorus that follows a seemingly short verse, with captivating guitar riffs and crafty lyrics. The background vocals add a sweet touch. It’s a fresh, accelerated beginning, while not diving in too deep. We hit the brakes a little with ‘Say It Back’, which holds its melodic guitar riffs more gently, but the powerful vocals definitely don’t hold back.

A blend of guitar riffs and fast-paced drumming make ‘Spin and Collapse’ a sincere nod to modern emotional rock. And if you listen a bit carefully, you can hear the Australian accent in certain words. It’s just a small reminder of the roots of this strongly threaded musical group, and it’s also particularly evident in the chorus of ‘Treading Water’ – a track that really drags power through its aching lyrics: ‘I can still smell your perfume, but I’m so far from home, and just breathe it all in… the world keeps turning slow’. The visual of treading water increases a sense of holding on, hanging by a last thread, an alluring lyrical gem that only pulls us into a solemn start to ‘The Cascade Blues’.

There is a bit of shift in percussion and a focus on vocals. The background vocals support the lyrical emotion of ‘The Cascade Blues’. Notions of attempting to make the most of life blanket an underlying sense of regret and ‘wasted youth’, which only increase a sense of determination with the ending’s faint melody.

‘Drop Out’ is a fast-paced, sudden-ending track that only ups the ante. The vocals through this album are consistently strong, clean but occasionally rough around the edges, giving texture to already powerful lyrics. ‘Anything Near Conviction’ is a solid track that explores the band’s lyrical and vocal potential. You won’t lose interest as you sing along to this intrepid track.

‘Count Me Out’ dares to set itself apart from the other tracks with a soft opening, almost like an interlude. It begins as a raw and honest piece with creative background vocals, both soft and rough. The title of the album comes from this track – ‘then count me out’ being the ending to the phrase. It sounds bitter, but the powerful latter half of the track is anything but. ‘Count Me Out’ is both grit and grace in one fuelled track.

After all this, ‘Aeroplane’ still stands out to me as a stunning opening track, and there is no doubt that the end takes me right back to the beginning. If This Is All We’re Going To Be is a work of art, a small treasure of intricacies. Its lyrical quality and overall musical strength is a successful combination, a lovingly crafted piece that should be welcomed, absorbed, and breathed in.

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