Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind

Mumford & Sons
Wilder Mind

Mumford & Sons have made a long awaited return with a new album called Wilder Mind. The band is known for an eclectic scope of musical sound ranging from folk, country, rock and alternative. With the coming of Wilder Mind, these British gentlemen have proved that they will no longer be held to a particular category of musical genre.

The hype surrounding Wilder Mind included a fact that struck out an eyebrow rise with many Mumford & Sons fans, that is, the announcement of a banjo-less album. And that is big move for a band widely known for a particular sound. Yet upon listening to Wilder Mind, the move towards electric, away from a prominent acoustic sound, really just works.

‘Tompkins Square Park’ throws listens straight into this new sound with an electric guitar opener and a calm shuffling drum beat. The classic moody Mumford & Sons lyrical finesse is there with it’s beautiful song writing structures and poetic word placement. By the time you have floated gracefully into ‘Believe’, you have already been drawn into this slightly different direction.

‘The Wolf’ shows that the British lads have not steered away from that impactful sound with an epic strummed opening bellowing inwards in a graceful manner. Songs like ‘Wilder Mind’ and ‘Just Smoke’ keep that familiar Mumford style but with a revamp of instrumental execution. Lyrically it is all too the same, but that does not discourage the undeniable fact of excellent musical writing.

A stand out on Wilder Mind would have to be ‘Broad-Shouldered Beast’, a brilliantly written song that is dark, moody, atmospheric and sensitive. For all the musical instrument change throughout, this track retains what Mumford & Songs brought to the music world; uniqueness.

‘Ditmas’ showcases that new rock sound that is bordering the edge of pop but still retaining the Brit-folk vibe. The two closing songs, ‘Only Love’ and ‘Hot Gates’ are closer to past tunes with melancholic lyrics and a folk feel.

With all the commentary surrounding Wilder Mind, nothing can beat the fact that if a band is capable of mixing up their sound, yet retain an atmosphere and aura that is uniquely them, a level of trust in the makers must be given. Wilder Mind is a solid album from a band that knows what they are doing. It is poetic, epic and finely crafted and deserves a thorough listen by old fans and new.

Stand out track: ‘Broad-Shouldered Beast’

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