Passenger – Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea

The voice of Mike Rosenberg, performing as Passenger, is a voice that simply cannot be ignored. The release of his LP Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea is a breathtaking journey of emotions.

Opening track ‘Everything’ is a solemn ballad about what is important to us. Poetic, deep and emotional, it tugs at the heartstrings and explores the possibility of losing what we value. ‘If You Go’ is a sweet love song that feels initially hesitant as Rosenberg seemingly chokes on his words, but it develops into a rather heartwarming track with a touching bridge. “I’ll stay until all of the rivers run dry” is just one of the many cliched lines in the bridge, but his voice delivers the lines with such audacity that it quashes all sense of trite.

A worldly theme is exposed in ‘When We Were Young’, with mentions of other countries and languages. It’s has a slight hint of regret as it reflects on the naivety of youth. It’s a subject hardly unique, but still a track that lyrically speaks volumes.

‘Somebody’s Love’ begins with a beautiful, soft instrumental. Its imagery of autumn is as evident as the imagery of old Irish and Scottish land in ‘Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea’. Rosenberg’s choice of words throughout this album depicts creative visuals and the essence of contemplation.

‘Beautiful Birds’, featuring Birdy, is an apt piece with a heavy focus on vocal harmony and piano accompaniment. A delicate string section makes its way in following the first verse. With an unusual structure and lack of a distinct chorus, ‘Beautiful Birds’ is a gentle reminder of the fleetingness of life.

It’s undeniably difficult to turn a blind eye to Passenger’s storytelling. In line with singers such as Ed Sheeran (whom he toured with last year), Right Away, Great Captain! (Andy Hull) and Jack Carty, his sound is touching at the very least, and can hold such great strength.

Passenger, a traveller at heart, has put endless energy and love into Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea. From beginning to end, this album is a bundle of breathless ardour. Eyes shut and ears sensitive to every sound, make sure you give this album the attention it deserves.

Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea is released on September 23rd.

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