#03 Genna Alexopoulos [Season 1]

Genna Alexopoulos is the founder and lead publicist at boutique agency Super Duper. She’s got a rich history in the music industry, starting out running FReeZA shows in her hometown before working at the likes of Shock Records, Vivid Live and the iconic Big Day Out. In late 2013 after a terribly timed redundancy, Genna took the plunge and started her own company. This episode explores her industry journey, dives into the experience of moving between cities and how she built Super Duper from the ground up.

Season 1: Recorded in 2016 // Liner Notes tells the story of people involved ‘behind the scenes’ in music. The journey of each guest is explored, revealing the humble, human elements at the core of our music industry // A podcast from Casual Band Blogger.

#03 Genna Alexopoulos [Season 1]
Liner Notes

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