#08 Eilish Gilligan [Season 1]

Eilish Gilligan is a unique talent. Alongside her burgeoning career as a solo artist and integral member of Melbourne alt-pop band Frida, Eilish works as a publicist at On The Map. Productive and prolific, she was introduced to music at a young age – her parents fostering her passion from the get go. Furthering her journey as a singer and songwriter, Eilish started studying music at the Victorian College of The Arts. She met some of her future bandmates in that very course. With a strong interest in both music production and ‘behind the scenes’ elements, in 2015 Eilish reached out to a local publicity company offering to intern. It’s been an upward trajectory ever since.

Season 1: Recorded in 2016 // Liner Notes // A podcast from Casual Band Blogger

#08 Eilish Gilligan [Season 1]
Liner Notes

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