#06 Tom Fraser [Season 1]

Iconic local label Pieater was formed when Jo and Tom of Big Scary banded together with their friend, Tom Fraser to help release a record. Over the years it’s become a home to acts such as Airling, Christopher Port, #1 Dads, Slow Dancer and Tom Snowdon, becoming a thriving community in itself. In this episode we gain an insight into the Pieater journey: From it’s humble beginnings, to the current day – and of course, everything in between. We also discuss the importance of community and being an artist-first label.

Season 1: Recorded in 2016 // Liner Notes tells the story of people involved ‘behind the scenes’ in music. The journey of each guest is explored, revealing the humble, human elements at the core of our music industry // A podcast from Casual Band Blogger.

#06 Tom Fraser [Season 1]
Liner Notes

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