#07 Holly Pereira and Angela Christian-Wilkes [Season 1]

Young women are reclaiming their space in the music scene. They’re empowered, and opening up the dialogue of diversity in our industry. This is the reason it’s so important to recognise and celebrate that. Joining this conversation were Holly Pereira, music writer and assistant venue booker at Howler, as well as Angela Christian-Wilkes, a music writer and former senior producer at Casual Band Blogger. We talked reclaiming the ‘fangirl’ and consciously supporting women in music. This episode was originally recorded just hours after the 2016 LISTEN Conference, which Holly and Angela were in attendance at. If you’d like to know more about LISTEN, you can visit their website.

Season 1: Recorded in 2016 // Liner Notes // A podcast from Casual Band Blogger

#07 Holly Pereira and Angela Christian-Wilkes [Season 1]
Liner Notes

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