#09 Zac Abroms [Season 1]

Zac Abroms didn’t really foresee a career in music. In fact, when he finished Uni he wasn’t too sure what he wanted to do. However, inspired by his friends booking gigs in London, he went door to door in Melbourne pitching a night for local indie bands. Miss Libertines eventually gave him a crack and he begun booking a monthly showcase. The first night saw 400 people through the door and it was by all measures, a roaring success. From there he moved into a role at record label Forum 5, before embarking on a solo music PR and management venture a couple of years later, Viceroyalty. Zac eventually tried his hand at talent coordinating for Maroochy Festival and an industry summit Face The Music. The rest is history, you could say. In this episode of Liner Notes, he dives into his career and wealth of music industry knowledge.

Season 1: Recorded in 2016 // Liner Notes tells the story of people involved ‘behind the scenes’ in music. The journey of each guest is explored, revealing the humble, human elements at the core of our music industry // A podcast from Casual Band Blogger.

#09 Zac Abroms [Season 1]
Liner Notes

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