PREMIERE: Harry Heart – Flowers (The Retaliation)

2016 marks the welcome return of unique singer and songwriter, Harry Heart. In his first release since late 2014, Heart has continued to produce tracks with insightful lyricism and engaging instrumentation. Flowers (The Retaliation) is a deeply personal song, crafted with a vulnerability that hits hard. Nonetheless, it’s an incredibly accessible slice of indie rock – all with a mature, brooding edge.

In Heart’s own words, Flowers [The Retaliation] stems from a particularly troubling time in his life. After one particularly harrowing weekend, Heart’s ongoing feelings of doubt, frustration and aggression culminated in a recording session at his inner Sydney studio – where the lyrics were written and the whole track recorded within 3 hours.

The writing of Flowers [The Retaliation] was overall, a cathartic experience. Heart himself believes that artists are best at turning shit situations and negative emotions into something beautiful – therapeutic in and of itself.


Listen to Flowers [The Retaliation] 

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