Premiere: Jackie Brown Jr – Lake Loser

All good things take time. With Jackie Brown Jr’s new music video in mind, truer words haven’t been spoken. 

‘Lake Loser’ first came to our attention in 2016. A soulful, indie-rock gem that stood out from the get go; it was a slow-burning and nostalgic nod to growing up that captured our ears and heart.

It wasn’t just us ‘Lake Loser’ struck a chord with though. A live set staple, over time the track become nearer and dearer to the band and Jackie Brown Jr audiences. So, in the lead up to their debut EP Over-Abroad they decided to revisit it. Cue a video complete with beautiful visuals of urban Sydney and some truly wholesome handycam footage.

Watching the video for ‘Lake Loser’ is like stepping into the Jackie Brown Jr family. Producer/editor Trudi Gultom wonderfully jumps between home videos and serene landscapes, with excellently timed, amusing band sequences (keep an eye out for the party poppers). 

It’s a video that serves a beautiful and important reminder: The people that surround you make life what it is. Is that a cheesy thing to write? Yes. Should we care? No. Go hug your mates.

Watch: Lake Loser by Jackie Brown Jr.

Jackie Brown Jr’s debut EP Over-Abroad is due out in October 2018.

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