PREMIERE: Keeskea – Forfeit


Keeskea is an artist that lays their feelings out on the line, and we as an audience are all the better for it. The Brisbane musician is the latest addition to local label Hobbledehoy Record Co; further championing their position as one of the finest and most responsive indie labels to emerge from Australia.

‘Forfeit’ comes as her second single and it’s a raw, vulnerable slice of melancholic folk. It unravels complicated emotional states over the space of 4 minutes, touching on themes so heavy that Keeskea “Thought about changing the lyrical content.” In the end, she opted not to, instead laying bare real and unbridled emotions. “If I changed them I feel like I might have cheated myself and anyone else who has been in that headspace. I don’t think it should be censored.”

Much like the track itself, the video is intimate and nostalgic. It wraps you up, holds you tight and takes you on a journey of sight and sound. Reflecting the challenging feelings touched on in the track, the video walks a line between solitude and community. There’ll be a brief flash of friends, or a photograph showing a significant soul – all before cutting to moments spent alone. The song is already a stunning example of smart and poignant storytelling and it’s often difficult to convey a narrative so closely, but this video adds an extra level of depth, beauty and meaning.

It’s a privilege to be welcomed into Keeskea’s world. This song is enormously special.

Watch: Forfeit by Keeskea. directed by Rhys Ellis.

‘Forfeit’ is officially released on November 16th.

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