PREMIERE: Sarah Stone – Lungs

After amassing a huge following over the years by uploading some seriously incredible covers to YouTube, the time has come for Melbourne singer songwriter Sarah Stone to unveil another original track. Today we’re absolutely stoked to premiere ‘Lungs’, her first release since 2014’s Lumière Noire EP.

Recorded in the middle 2015 with band Alex Tyson, Ezekiel Fenn and Kieran Pepper, ‘Lungs’ is a tidy slice of indie rock, crossed with acoustic pop. Beautifully complemented by catchy instrumentation and clever production, the warm and measured vocals are the track’s standout feature. Developed through years of live performance and passion, Sarah as a singer is nothing short of incredible. Powerful, emotive and ridiculously on point – note, after note.

A few words on the track from Sarah Stone herself:

The song originated from a riff that our bands guitarist Alex Tyson had in mind for a few months. I remember hearing it in rehearsal for the first time and my ears pricked up and instantly I was like “We need to write a song with this immediately!” The progression was quite natural and it just sort of came together on it’s own. I don’t think any other track has come together that fast. I just couldn’t get that haunting sound out of my head for so long i knew it would have an impact on other people if it had that impact on me. 

Once it came time to head into the studio, we jumped on a plane over to Perth to work with Joel Quartermain and we were finally able to mould the track and really take it up a notch. He saw the vision of what we wanted and he really helped us to develop it above and beyond our expectations.  

The lyrics are rather dark but they are very hopeful. Almost as if you are chasing something that is just a little bit out of reach. I guess I wanted to write something that could have a really universal meaning for others to connect to. It could be about a bad relationship that continuously ends up hurting both of you and you finally decide to let go. It could be about that goal you have been working towards for so long but have always had excuses or road blocks and finally you have the courage to make it happen. Or it could simply be about not being afraid and allowing yourself to take the risk. The song it what you want it to mean. It can be good or bad depending how you reflect your personal experiences on it.


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