Hugh Fuchsen breaks down debut album Rise and Shine

A certain DIY spirit flows strongly through Rise and Shine, the debut album from Melbourne musician Hugh Fuchsen. An insight into life and times, the record is candid and hits a uniquely personal note – having been produced and engineered by the songwriter himself. Ahead of it’s release, Hugh Fuchsen digs into the stories that make up each track from Rise and Shine. 


The colourful chords and lyrically expressive melodies take a lot of influence from traditional jazz recordings; all tied in with an upbeat indie bop-along rhythm.

Got Gacked At Guerns

This song encapsulates the highs, lows and strange encounters when going into a club full of all sorts of people.

Long Walk

The contrasting verse and chorus reflects the experience of having too much spare time, while simultaneously being so busy. A song to remind you that no matter who you meet and who you greet, you’ll always have your pushbike.


The main idea of this song, is whatever happens in life, true friends are there for you to lean on. The fat drum sound with the recurring jingly guitar hook compliments a nice walk in an urban park on a sunny day.

Punt Road/Goanna Beach

A fast-paced tribute to how much driving in the city absolutely sucks. Then, ‘Goanna Beach’ helps you remember your carefree childhood with a very Mario Kart 64-esque influence.

Checking Out Some Oppo Shoppos With Mum

There is nothing like a good day out shopping with your mother. This song is a reminder that sometimes, the things you find in op-shops can be both amazing and very weird.

Jeff’s Zoomy Car

With the sparkliest of guitars, this one takes you on a dreamy trip; winding through the Great Ocean Road with a sky-blue ocean waiting to be bathed in. The upbeat outro of the tune changes the vibe, and brings out influences from classic legends, such as Gerry Rafferty.

A Day On The Fruit Farm

An account of my time on the United States’ west coast. “I was living on beans, so I licked the plate clean”, probably sums up the bohemian lifestyle I was leading at that point.

Rise And Shine

This track wraps up the album as a “where to from now” kind of moment. The melancholy that the chords and wailing melodies possess, expresses a form of letting go and moving on from the past.

I Miss You

Recorded in a Wisconsin bedroom with my grandfather’s old guitar. A song purely for reflecting on loneliness and the potential consequences of apathy towards an ever-changing world.

Listen to Rise and Shine:

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