San Cisco at 170 Russell (Melbourne)

The doors opened at 8:30, the line started moving slowly. The wind was cold, but the city was alive. It was a Friday night. Russell Street slowly trickling in with eager gig goers. The venue itself 170 Russell was a good-looking venue, with two bars on their side and one at the back. Slow and steady people were trickling in, filling the space. No one really paying attention to the stage or the set up, or much really, but there was a kind of buzz where everyone was ready for a good night. The bar was piling up, and the drinks started flowing. Blue lights spilling onto the stage and the floor, the floor mostly empty other than those at the front of the barrier loyal to the music.

First support act came on at 9:00, Methyl Ethyl – a local WA band. As soon as the first song came one, the audience started perking their ears up and listening. People scattered around the venue, started listening intently to the cool and relaxed vibe of the band. The three-piece band, sent out an alt-rock indie pop. A mix of these lead to a great sound, really hyping up the audience. The feel was definitely smooth with a very DMAs and Sticky fingers feel to it. For a relatively new band, their sound was clean and their sync was fantastic!

Another WA band, Crooked Colours, came one at 10:10 there about and oh did their sound make me swoon. The lead singer and synth player looking like a Matt Corby boy had flawless vocals. The first few songs on their set had Flume-esq vibes very chilled with a mix of synth. The bassy drums, made for a sensual sound that resonated well with the crowed. The floor was filling up more rapidly now. The air smelt of booze and a good time. The synth pad, guitar and drums were deliciously mixed.

By the time 11:00 hit, you knew the venue was sold out, from top to bottom the room was full. As soon as San Cisco came out, the room came alive. With everyone ready for the highlight of their Friday night, it was 11:20 when they sauntered on stage and this followed by screams and ‘YEAHS’.

Performing hits from their new album Gracetown, San Cisco’s set was a great mix of both older hits and newer songs. Each song had it’s own highlight whether it was the lyrics, or the dancing on stage, or the interactions between band members, San Cisco definitely lived up to the hype. The bands performance was pretty flawless. Sound melded well, and the set was diverse and well rehearsed.

You had people dancing to every song, and as soon as ‘Awkward’ came on, everyone was singing – some not so soberly – the lyrics back to the band. From ‘Awkward’ onwards, the spirits were high, both figuratively and actually. The band ‘finished’ the set with ‘Run’ dedicating it to all the ‘Isabella’s’ from their newest album. When they did their thank yous and goodbyes they left the stage. The crowd obviously not satisfied just yet, chanting for them to come back on

At this point, Jordi waltzes back on and performs an acoustic of one of their songs, on his own. Just his voice and the guitar, nearly perfect way of ending the incredible night.

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